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Why You Should Buy The Toyota Avalon In Orange County, CA?

Why You Should Buy A Toyota Avalon In Orange County, CA?

Looking for a vehicle with a luxury feel without the luxury price? Look no further, because we have what you are looking for at Elmore Toyota in Orange County.  The Toyota Avalon brings to the table all the features you look for in any competitive luxury car, but with its own Toyota touch to it. At Elmore Toyota, we want to make sure that you find a great car that fits your needs. The Avalon may be the one for you and here is why you should buy a Toyota Avalon.

Exterior And Interior Style

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The exterior style of the Toyota Avalon makes a big statement for why it’s such a great sedan. The newer models have an aggressive but stylish looking front grille, a big improvement from models of the previous years. As for the interior, the 2020 model offers quiet cabin space, a sophisticated style, and comfortability. There is also plenty of legroom for a car that fits up to five people. Visibility in the driver's seat is also phenomenal. Whether it is visibility of the front, rear or over your shoulder, you have a pleasurable driving experience no matter what way you look.  

Trims And Colors

Toyota Avalon Near You

At our dealership, the Toyota Avalon comes with five different trims. Trims are distinguished by the level of equipment each car has, so their role is significant. Our trims include Toyota Avalon Limited, Toyota Avalon TRD, Toyota Avalon Touring, Toyota Avalon XLE Plus, and Toyota Avalon XSE. If you think that’s impressive, we also have a set of colors such as Celestial Silver Metallic  and Harbor Gray Metallic. Color is also an important factor when buying a car because you have many options to choose from and the more popular colors tend to sell. We will help you in deciding what trim and color is best for you! 

Technological Features

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The Avalon is full of standard and advanced technology and safety features. If you are looking for a 2020 Toyota Avalon Limited  for example, you’ll find that it has features like the 14 speaker sound system, 8-way adjustable heated and ventilated front seats, adaptive cruise control, vehicle anti-theft system, keyless entry, navigation system, and many more reliable features. In terms of entertainment, it comes with a 9-inch touchscreen and Apple CarPlay. On screen menu options are also easy to figure out. It’s  good to know that Edmunds gave the Avalon a technology rating of 8 out of 10. Get a great deal on this car today!

Fuel Economy

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The Avalon is no stranger to saving gas and having a great fuel economy. Your standard Toyota Avalon has a highway mileage of 32 MPG and a city mileage of 22 MPG. This is excellent for a car like this especially if you are making a commute for either long or short distances. The Avalon is equipped with a 3.5L Naturally-Aspirated V6 engine pushing you off the starting line with 300 horsepower. 

Final Word

The Avalon is a great vehicle in almost any light you put it in. Whether it is for quick stops or luxury cruising on the highway, you will experience the regal feel of driving a luxury car, without the luxury price.  Even compared to its currently more trending alternatives like the Camry, Corolla, and RAV4, this car speaks for itself and has made its mark amongst Toyota vehicles.  If you still aren’t convinced yet, stop by Elmore Toyota today and take any of our Avalons for a test drive! Stop by our conveniently located dealership Elmore Toyota for the best deals. 

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