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Why You Should Buy A SUV At Elmore Toyota In Orange County, CA?

Why You Should Buy A SUV At Elmore Toyota In Orange County, CA?

In a world where gas prices increase and changes in climate are a bit overwhelming, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy an SUV. Over the past several years, SUVs have made vast improvements in all aspects of driving. Luckily for you, Elmore Toyota has a variety of great SUVs to choose from. Here is why you should buy an SUV from our location.


Bigger And Better

When it comes to size, SUVs are bigger than any type of car except for trucks. One of the advantages of owning an SUV is that it is popular amongst people with big families. When it’s driven on the road, its size is what stands out from a sedan or a truck. On top of that, the interior also has its benefits. The interior offers plenty of storage space and legroom for the whole family to enjoy. However, not every SUV is the same exact size. If big and bulky is not your style, smaller SUVs can move through smaller roads and park in tight spaces. Driving aids such as Park Assist and Active Safety Brake are beneficial to those who have trouble parking.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency was once only common in sedans but SUVs have made significant improvements with saving fuel over the years. Have you ever noticed why you see people with SUVs more often today than before? It’s because of increasing gas prices and the need to drive longer distances. This shows you that you need an SUV more than ever. At Elmore Toyota, we recommend the following models that will save you fuel in the long run: Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Toyota 4Runner, and Toyota Sequoia.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions play a role in why accidents may happen and you need the right car to combat these conditions. There’s no better choice than an SUV. These cars are heavier and have better handling. Even its bigger and wider tires means better stability and better grip. It’s important to note that not every SUV can handle harsh weather, so only drive when you feel comfortable. Stay home if you feel like it’s too dangerous to drive.


Your main concern when it comes to picking out an SUV or any car for that matter is safety. Accidents happen everyday, so we want to make sure that you find the best SUV to prevent this. SUVs have made improvements in adding safety features to better your driving experience. The 2018 Toyota Highlander XLE for example, has features such as the Anti-theft system and valet function feature. This SUV is also a 2018 IIHS top safety pick with an overall rating of five stars. Studies have shown that SUVs are safer than other cars when getting involved in head-on collisions. An SUVs grip and stability provide you with more control over your vehicle.

Family Friendly 

Like we referenced previously, one advantage of having an SUV is its popularity among families. Since they are larger than sedans, they offer more space in the back seats for kids and pets. In the event that you have more than one pet, you can utilize the trunk/cargo area for more space. Having pets can be distracting at times, particularly when they are in the front seat of the car. With an SUV, you have better restraint for pets and kids. SUVs are also handy for keeping snacks and toys in the compartments they have. 


The Use Of Hauling

Hauling is important for individuals who participate in outdoor exercises, for example, paddling, earth biking, or mountain biking. No longer will you need to fear not being able to fit your equipment in your car without having a truck. Regardless of whether these exercises are for you, having an SUV may urge you to partake in them. Using a sedan to haul other vehicles won't do the same job as an SUV would since they are stronger. One of the benefits of owning an SUV is its off-road capabilities. These capabilities make hauling a lot simpler.

You and Your SUV

With all these great things about SUVs mentioned above, you’ll realize that it’s one of the best purchases you’ll ever make. Elmore Toyota is definitely the right destination for all your SUV needs. Call us or stop by today and talk to one of our trusted sales members about finding the right one for you!

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