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What To Look For When Buying A New Car

Purchasing a vehicle is a monumental step, but it does not need to be a difficult process. Many potential car buyers and automotive shoppers do research on a number of car, truck and SUV makes and models that they intend on buying. Fortunately, there are hundreds of resources that are available to help one find the right and perfect car at an affordable price. Take into account that purchasing a vehicle is a business transaction and is one type of buying experience that requires individuals and company employees to ‘haggle’ or negotiate the terms of the automotive deal. New car models continue to enter the showroom floors while older makes are on their way out. Before you head to the dealership, remember to follow these set of instructions when buying a new car.


Do Your Research


Information, data, reviews and surveys are a potential auo buyer's best friend. Gratefully, there are websites like and that provide users with empirical consumer data that can be very beneficial. Websites like these also have several features and specifications on every vehicle and even shows their makes and models options. Outside of seeing pricing data and vehicle requirements, you can also see the safety, reliability and dependability of your selected options of cars, trucks and SUVs.


Do NOT Go To A Dealership WIthout Having An Offer


Many car dealers and sellers today make much of their profits and revenues from their finance department. Sometimes, dealers can get a ‘cut’ of an auto loan that a purchaser accepts. The offers that a salesperson can present may appear to be a great deal, but aren’t always what the consumer was expecting. Remember, it is a salesperson’s job to make the most money for the dealership. Don’t just start visiting dealerships and seeing what type of special, deal or discount you can get on a car, truck or SUV. First, see if you can get pre-approved financing from either your bank, credit union or other financial institution. This way, a dealer or salesperson has to offer a better deal if they would like for you to drive off of the lot in one of their vehicles. Without a deal, offer or financing in place, the dealership and the sales team will have no incentive to work with you on getting you in a new automobile. 

Do Talk To Your Insurance Agent


It costs different amounts of money to insure different makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs, so it would be in your best interest to speak with your insurance agent prior to any final decisions you make. Once you purchase a new car, it may be too late or the wrong time to find out the other costs or rising rates to insure other vehicles. Insurance companies can offer several products and services, even similar ones that you will be offered in a dealership’s financial office, like GAP insurance and service vehicle contracts. With your insurance company, many of these features will be cheaper and more affordable rather than at the dealership. 


Do NOT Start By Saying You’ll Pay Cash


Paying for cash is the best and ideal way of paying for a vehicle. But, if you tell a dealer of these intentions, it may turn out to be a bad idea. Many of the dealer’s revenues are made up of financing, so the salesperson or dealership will have less incentive to make a deal with you if they know that you will not make any money on an automotive loan or from financing services. Rather than start off by saying that you want to pay for a car with cash, negotiate the purchasing price of the vehicle first and then let the person know that you are undecided when it comes to financing. At times, you may be able to score zero percent financing; which in return will save you cash. 

Do Know Your Budget & Credit Score


It is very important that you know how much money you can afford every month and how much funds you will need to put up front for the car, truck or SUV. If you do not know these numbers, you are going into the automotive purchasing process blind, essentially. This might and can lead you to paying much more for a vehicle than you can afford or anticipated spending. Car shoppers and prospective buyers should know more than just the initial price of the vehicle goes into the buying equation. Car insurance, registration, fuel, maintenance costs add up quickly, so make sure to check these factors are tied into your new car research process. Once you know your credit score and what’s on your credit report, you can now begin the search for the best financing deal that is available. Financing, discounts, special offers and deals for new cars is standard and typically offered to potential purchasers with top-tier credit. With this information, you should take your time to correct any errors that are on your credit report and remove the credit blemishes when trying to get the best deal possible.


Do NOT Only Look At The Payments


A significant amount of car buyers solely focus on the monthly payment amount, making this a bad way to purchase a new vehicle. Alternately, take into account the total cost of the car, truck or SUV including the interest payments and other additional fees associated throughout the life of your automotive loan. It is frankly not worth saving a sum of money per month if it means making further payments for another calendar year. When one focuses on the monthly payment cost, one also begins to look at additional features and specs that can be added to the vehicle, leading to more overpricing. The true way to find the cost of a car is to multiply the monthly payment figure by the number of months in the loan. Once you get that number, you will add the amount of your initial down payment and include any taxes and fees that you have paid. This will give you the true, total cost of your vehicle!

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