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Picking The Best Car For You

With there being so many automotive makes and models that are available on the market with new modern technology and sleeker designs, it is difficult to start when it comes time to choosing a new vehicle. Much of this confusion comes from the yearly upgrades and ever-evolving body styles that cars undergo. With all of this to take into consideration, many individuals and families choose to purchase the same model car, truck or SUV again; especially if their previous model’s car never experienced any major problems or issues. Some car shoppers take recommendations and suggestions from friends, family or other trusted people. Often times, rather than taking the advice of friends or family members, potential car buyers tend to buy the vehicle that catches their eye based on the design, features, specifications or other determining factors. 


What Do You Need


There are certain questions that one must ask themselves when it comes to the exact, ideal car that they are looking to purchase. Take this into account, when you are trying to purchase a vehicle that does everything, you will end up purchasing a vehicle with too many features or not with the features you were looking for. When it comes to vehicles, there are needs and wants. When choosing a vehicle, first look and see if you need a car, truck or SUV. Once you begin to start looking for a vehicle, narrow down what are your needs. It may be helpful to write them down your needs on paper so you have important information on what you are searching for. Put together your list of features and specifications that you are seeking so you can find the right car!


If you have a large-sized family or need room for six-plus passengers, your choice(s) may be a no-brainer. If you are a single individual and have a sporty, outgoing lifestyle, (off-roading, weekend warrior, etc.) it will be understandable that you will be looking for a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Perhaps you want to be like a vast portion of the population of the United States and want a car, truck or SUV that is a kind of ‘Swiss Army’ knife; prepared for everything. If this is the case, you will have to prioritize and organize what is important and necessary for your and your automotive needs. Typically, most people use their vehicles for commuting, running errands, picking up family and friends, or other uses. To help you with your car selection dilemma, write down your ‘primary’ automotive uses along with your ‘needs’ of the vehicle you are looking for. 



Most of us do not have a heap of money laying around. Knowing this, many of us may need an automotive loan to finance and purchase a car, truck or SUV. It is wise to keep your complete monthly automotive expenses -- insurance, payment, maintenance, fuel, registration, etc. -- to about 20% or less of your monthly take-home pay. One of the tempting things would be to try and extend an offered auto loan beyond 60 months or 5 years. Don’t! Avoid the desire and urge to stretch your loan agreement beyond 60 months and save the extra money!

Car Finding Websites


There are many automotive websites, like AutoTrader and Kelley Blue Book, that have tools and extensions that allow you to specify and filter your search by: price, vehicle category, make, model, year and other segments. Do you happen to have a particular car, truck or SUV in mind that you would like to research? Create a list of car makes and models to begin searching by looking up specifications, features, reviews, and expert testimonials. 


At times, you may believe that you have found the car that you were looking for. However, the market is crowded with numerous makes, models, styles and trims. Even if you are convinced and sold on a distinct car, truck or SUV, it is important to also have ‘competing’ models as well. COmpeting models are substitute car makes and models that you have on your list; in case you are unable to find your first choice car or if your first choice car is not what it seems.  If you are having issues comparing ‘competing’ model cars, you can go to the Edmunds website and use their ‘Compare Cars’ tool. This feature helps present peculiar features and specifications in an easy-to-view column with a side-by-side comparison view. 

Test Drive


Automotive salesmen and car enthusiasts like to say, “The feel behind the wheel will seal the deal!” There is truth in this statement. However, you may want to be hesitant and patient when it comes to test driving your car choices. The best way to test drive a vehicle is done as such: set aside a morning or early afternoon time and contact the dealership’s internet department. Speak with the department manager and let them know that you would like to schedule a test drive, but will not be purchasing the vehicle on the spot because we are doing a car model comparison. Test drive your three to five ‘competing’ cars so you can have a feel and impression of how the car(s) handle on the highway. 

Make A Decision


Once you have finished with your test drives and depart the dealership, take all the information that you have gotten and review your research. If you are still undecided on which car to purchase, look at a new potential automotive candidate. But, if your choice is obvious, you should then move forward with the deal-closing phase. Emotions and intuitions do play a significant role in your automotive selection. There is nothing wrong with this. Enjoy the car searching and buying process. 

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