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Driving Tips That Could Save Your Life

Driving Tips That Could Save Your Life

We’ve all had multiple instances where we fell asleep while driving, or kept our hands off the steering wheel for a moment. It’s a mistake most people make at least once in their lives. At Elmore Toyota, we want to make sure that customers from Westminster and surrounding areas like Huntington Beach and Santa Ana are driving safely to and from our dealership. That’s why we’re presenting to you our best safe driving tips/ Tips that can potentially save your life!!


Perform Standard Safety Checks

The best way to start is by checking the exterior of your car. Check both the front and the rear, starting from the engine, all the way around to the rear lights. Inspect the front and back tires and make sure that your tires pressure reading is at the minimum psi. When you’re done with that, look under the car and see if there are any loose objects that can possibly puncture your tires. 



Adjust Mirrors And Seats


It’s never a good idea to drive your car as soon as you step in it. Take a second to look at the side mirrors and see if you can see the rear properly. If you are able to see a good portion of your car, it means the side mirrors aren’t adjusted well and this mistake can cost you on the road. Your rear mirror should be adjusted so that you can see the cars directly behind you.

When adjusting the seat, slide it until your knees are slightly bent. Your hips should be at the same level as your knees. Once that is done, you are ready to start driving.

Do Not Use Your Cell Phone While Driving


This is probably the most important tip of them all. We are all guilty at times of using our cell phones while driving and sometimes it can be a consistent bad habit. It’s a bad habit because cell phones can grab people's attention both manually and visually, causing them to get distracted. A good way to avoid this habit is to take advantage of your vehicle’s infotainment system. If Bluetooth is available, use it while keeping both hands on the wheel. 

Watch Out For Other Drivers


You could be driving one day, safely obeying the traffic laws and signs, and all of a sudden someone crashes into you. At this point, there’s nothing you can do about it. The next time you are on the road, be prepared for any road signs, tailgating, traffic, and other bad driving situations. Whenever you drive, you should always assume that every other driver on the road is a bad driver. This puts it in your head that you want to avoid any mistakes. 

Be Extra Cautious In Bad Weather Conditions


The chances of getting into an accident when it’s snowing or raining is higher when the weather is harsh. Your best bet during harsh weather is to simply stay home and not drive.

However, if there’s some place that you need to be, you should consider driving below the speed limit. Be alert when the lanes start to curve. If you start to feel nervous, pull over off the side of the road until you feel like it’s safe enough to get back on the road. 

Look Far Ahead While Driving

You should be extremely focused when driving. You never know what is going to happen miles ahead of you. It’s a good idea to always scan the road about a half mile to a mile in front of you.

Doing this can allow you to react quickly if there are any hazards on the road. Most of the time, your vision works well at close distances so scan the road on all sides.

Don’t Drive Tired


When you drive, fatigue is something that sneaks up on you and it’s not uncommon.

Even dozing off for just a second can cause you to crash into another driver or swerve off the road. What’s the solution for this? We recommend that you get at least 6 to 8 hours of good sleep a night. If you are driving with a friend or family member, either allow them to take over the wheel or fetch you a cup of coffee. Other things you can do to avoid getting tired is playing loud music, rolling your windows all the way down, and pulling over to take a short nap.

Final Word


With these tips in mind, you can have a better and safer driving experience any day of the week.

Elmore Toyota is here to answer any safety questions you have about your car. We can also recommend you our safest new and used cars when you come to our dealership. Stop by Elmore Toyota today for a great deal on any of our cars. 


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