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Best 2021 Toyota Models

Best 2021 Toyota Models

If you are looking for a new car from Toyota, we are here at Elmore to show you some of our favorite and top-selling models to choose from. Whether you want to be stylish, fast, or comfortable- we have the right car for you. Toyota is the largest Japanese automaker company and is the first to sell 10 million vehicles in a single year and continues to do so in the following years. Most of the market is being sold in the United States with 20% of the units sold here. The most popular Toyota model is Corolla with sales reaching up to 1.2 million units. Following these two models is the RAV4 SUV and Camry mid-size car being the most popular. But now let’s look at what is coming up in 2020 and what it has to offer from Toyota.

2021 Corolla

The Corolla has been around for 50 years and 13 generations; its popularity doesn’t just come from just being affordable but it is also practical and reliable. The new 2020 Corolla is not any different but does include a couple of upgrades that will turn some heads. The newer generation looks a lot sharper and sportier with its thinner headlights, right angles, and narrower grille. It is performers more like a sports car thanks to the new TGNA technology that improves handling. What also makes this car very popular is that the base model of the Corolla includes blind-spot monitors, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto integration all for $19,600. The 2021 Corolla also has a new and improved engine that uses a 2.0L 4-cylinder and rated at 169 horsepower and 159 lb/ft of torque. The new generation also finally introduces a hybrid model for those seeking to be fuel-efficient. The hybrid has a 1.8L engine unit with an electric motor that uses a nickel-metal-hydride battery. 


2021 RAV4

The RAV4 is the best compact crossover and the best vehicle that money can buy from Toyota. The RAV4 was completely redesigned in 2018, and the 2021 generation doesn’t steer much from it. Some minor changes in appearance can be noticed like the shuffling of equipment and the introduction of the TRD Off-Road trim. This TRD Off-Road trim comes with a retuned suspension, dynamic torque vectoring, and all-terrain tires perfect for off-roading in mud, sand, and rocks. There are two engines to choose from which are the 2.5L 4-cylinder engine with 203 horsepower rating and hybrid engine. This model is loved because it is a stylish and edgy car that includes a lot of safety features for family use as well. The safety features included are automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control. The base model starts at $26,000 but it includes a lot of desirable features that are worth it. 


2021 Camry


The Camry is the United States’ top-selling midsize sedan. This model has been a favorite because it is comfortable and reliable, but the new generation offers a lot more than that. The 2020 Camry is sporty, edgy, and stylish while also adding a new TRD trim to take it to the next level. The TRD includes a rear wing, 19” matte-black wheels, slightly wider body kit, and dual exhaust. The new trim also has a more powerful engine including a 3.5L V6 engine that rates 301 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of rotational force and 8-speed automatic transmission.

This 2021 Camry TRD might be the most exciting model to look forward to in our opinion with all the power and style. 




If you are looking for a new car, Elmore Toyota has got you covered! Your prime Toyota dealer in Orange County! And you are in luck because August is the best time to purchase a new car. Hopefully, we gave you enough on what cars are popular right now and what the new generations have in store for you. If you want a head start on your search, click on the Inventory tab, and good luck on your search. There is no wrong option just try and find a model and trim that fits all your needs.

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